Nutella 6 Pack Cupcakes

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Nutella Biscoff Cupcake

Our brown sugar cupcake based, stuffed with Nutella. This cupcake is topped with a rich biscoff frosting and mini biscoff cookie.

Nutella Sprinkle Cupcake

 Vanilla chocolate chip cupcake topped with Nutella fudge frosting and sprinkles. 

Nutella Stuffed Vanilla Fudge

 Vanilla base cupcake stuffed with Nutella with frosted with our signature fudge frosting

Nutella Millionaire Cupcake

Chocolate fudge cupcake filled with caramel, topped with vanilla frosting and a Nutella filled truffle 

Red Velvet Nutella Stuffed Cupcake

Red velvet cupcake base stuffed with Nutella and topped with cream cheese frosting

Nutella Chocolate Fudge Cupcake

Our chocolate cupcake based, filled with Nutella. This cupcake has a fudge frosting swirl with more even more Nutella.