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Are your dreams filled with the thoughts of jiggly cheesecakes and jam-filled doughnuts? Does the diet-crushing aroma of an apple pie make your mouth water?

Treat yourself at The Rolling Pin - the best bakery goods store in Canada.

From straight-up delectable cakes to stellar pies and everything in between, we have the sweetest options for all the dessert devotees out there.

Our homemade pies and cookies are created from our own experiments with extremely unique and tantalizing flavours.

We’ve curated a collection of pie flavours and cookies for all seasons and occasions. Plus, we can also customize your orders.

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Appetizing desserts and breads along with a warm experience is what we aim to serve at The Rolling Pin.

All our goods are baked from scratch, and served fresh out of the oven.

We are proud of the quality of baking goods that we offer. You can always bank on us for delivering fresh, delicious and gorgeous cakes, pies, and cookies.

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All our bakery goods are appetizing and alluring. You will fall in love with our delicious offerings.

On-time Delivery

Be it a big order or a small pie order, we are always at the forefront of delivering promptly.


Binging on desserts at The Rolling Pin is pocket-friendly for all our beloved customers.

Browse through our wide range of yummy, tasty & heavenly pies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the best bakery goods in your store?

    We do not want to flaunt it, but yes, all our baked goods are best sellers in the market. We offer unique flavours and freshly baked goods, which makes our beloved customers come back for more.

  • 2. Do you have a pie in coconut flavour?

    Yes, of course. Our coconut cream pie is homemade with graham cracker shells. We add toppings of whipped cream and toasted coconut, which makes it attractive and delicious.

  • 3. Do you take bulk orders for birthday cake bars?

    Yes, we do. Please choose the right quantity while ordering and we’ll get it delivered to your doorstep.

  • 4. What brownie flavours do you offer?

    Our brownies are extremely popular in the market. These are the best-selling baking goods of our store and some of our always sold out flavours are:

    • The Original Brownie
    • The After-right Brownie
    • The Peanut Buttercup Brownie (Seasonal)