About Us

Our Story 

Vanessa Baudanza and Isabelle Loiacono did what most great
entrepreneurs do: bite off more than they could chew.
They followed their dream of opening up a bakery in Toronto,
completely disregarding the simple realities like financing
and more importantly a business plan (we never got passed the
title: The Rolling Pin!).

Despite all this, Vanessa and Isabelle enthusiastically
opened their first location on Yonge Street with a small but
strong baking team, a collaboration of their recipes and
endless thoughts of donuts and pies. The Rolling Pin
was born in June 2014 in the very friendly neighbourhood of
Yonge and Lawrence village.

About the founders

Isabelle and Vanessa really like dessert… maybe a little too much.
They tend to think of themselves as dessert specialists-Constantly
testing, researching and eating their way through dessert nostalgia.
They spend a large amount of their free time in bakeries, and
indulge in their own creations as well as other desserts in the city.

Prior to pursuing her professional dreams of baking, Isabelle
spent her days is a lifeless cubicle space filled with memos
and meetings. When the company she was working for offered
her a buyout, she took the money and ran straight to
Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, where she earned her pastry diploma.
Isabelle worked in several bakeries and kitchens across the city. She
was also an instructor at the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts.

Vanessa, on the other hand, dabbled with the idea of becoming
a teacher. She tried to focus on her school work, but all her dreams
of sugar and flour kept knocking at her door. She attended George
Brown College, followed by The Cake Designer certificate at the
Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts. 

Vanessa and Isabelle’s crossed paths at the Bonnie Gordon School
and formed a bond over their love of sugar and flour. The rest is history.